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xHeader : Free Graphical Banner Creator

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xHeader : Free Graphical Banner Creator

Hey, I found a cool tool that allows you to create banner graphics without a degree in the graphical arts or expensive software like Photoshop. More than that, they give you over 500 templates to get started.

xHeader Banner Creator

This video examines the banner creator called xHeader, its limitations, its strengths. We will create a banner together and talk about where these can be used.

And a brief look at inserting images into your WordPress post using the Insert Image to:

  • Insert from your computer (Upload)
  • Insert from URL (Reference)
  • Insert from your online media library (Select)

Who Should Watch This Video

So, if you’ve been wanting to create banner graphics, create a blog header or just throw together a quick ad that will tell your readers about your product or services, then come check out xHeader Banner Creator with me.

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