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SenSEO: A Checklist For SEO

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SenSEO: A Checklist For SEO

As anyone who knows me can attest, I am a rabid Firefox fan.

I found one more reason to crow about the virtues of Firefox. It’s an addon for Firefox that allows you to check your site and give you a grade based on selected criteria.

It shows you what your competition is doing right, and what they are doing wrong. You can use Sen SEO as a checklist on your own blog. Go through this process after each new post, and you can stay in Google’s good SEO graces.

This video will discuss what Sen SEO shows you when evaluating your site, how to use it to spy on your competition, and how to stay ahead of the curve. We also discuss some of the elements that Sen SEO evaluates and why you should care about it.

  • Updating your theme to meet Google’s requirements
  • Posting techniques to get your primary keyword on your homepage
  • How to use Headspace to get a meta-description on your home page
  • How to correct some of what Sen SEO reports is wrong
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  1. Great video Cenay. SenSEO really seems to be a great little application. I’m having a little trouble understanding how to navigate around Firebug. My version, (or the settings I currently have?), doesn’t highlight the html when I hover over an image, but once I get a handle on this, I’m certain that SenSEO is going to make me a more educated marketer (which is what YOU are doing for me and the rest of us).

  2. Luke, Firebug and the hover effect is one aspect, and SenSEO is another. In fact, though they use the same control panel, that’s about all they share with each other.

    To make the Firebug hover effect work, click the icon on the left side of the control panel (near the top). In my version it looks like a mouse pointer clicking on something. Previous versions do look a bit different. In fact, I miss the previous versions feature set.

    I could open one window with Firebug, and another without and switch between the two. Not anymore! =(

    As for SenSEO, a great tool that I think you will find invaluable in the months to come. Glad you liked the post Luke, that’s for letting me know.

  3. Found that there was a setting that will enable me to switch between windows or tabs that both point to the same domain, without the SenSEO setting jumping my window up or down.

    Locate the settings icon (top left) and click the little bug. Find the Options menu and hover to get the fly out menu. From there, select the “Activate Same Origin URLs” so that it is UNCHECKED.

    Now, switching between the two, just remembers what you were doing on each.

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