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Headspace2 Video Tutorial

Once video starts, click on video to expand to full screen for best viewing

Headspace2 Video Tutorial

This short video (less than 30 minutes) shows you how to find, install and setup Headspace2, a WordPress SEO plugin.

Though I have other Headspace2 videos, this one skips a lot of the explanations of the other (longer) videos, and focuses on the minimum requirements to setup Headspace2 and start getting the SEO benefits right away.

Please note that it does not describe or detail adding Headspace info to each page or post since that information was covered so thoroughly in the previous Headspace2 videos.

Resources Mentioned in Video

Code Mentioned in Video

In the video, we edited the theme to insert a WordPress function into the header. That code is shown below. Just copy and paste into the correct spot (shown in the video)

<title><?php wp_title(”,true); ?></title>

Questions and Answers

A viewer wrote in with some questions about this video, a blog he has that breaking news with lots of videos. I published the answer to his SEO and video related questions at Headspace2 and SEO for Video Posts

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  1. Hey thanks, I’ve been having some questions about Headspace. Can’t wait to watch this video. Headspace really helps the SEO on a blog. Appreciate ya.


  2. Most welcome Carol. It would appear you aren’t alone with your questions since I have received no less then 4 new requests for more info on this plugin.

    I hope this one answers all the questions…

  3. Awesome video tutorial. The video helps very much. A whole lot easier to understand when you can see it. Thanks for putting this together. Really good post. It is simple to follow and very helpful. After watching the video, I feel much more confident. Your video made it very clear. Again, thank you for this video!

  4. just wanted to say thank you i have just started my 1st web site iam finding it so hard to learn 🙁 seems i spend all my time searching the web for answers, and then yay! i come across your video’s, as a newb i found yours easy to follow, this video tutorial is great now i have more confidence to have a go and that’s where iam going now wish me luck
    thanks again

  5. I was wondering why no one seemed to post comments on my site. I watched your video and setup headspace2 yesterday and got a comment today. You helped it make more sense. I do have more questions, but this video was great!

  6. There appears to be some really good features with the headspace plugin and this is not meant in an unkind way. Your videos are helpful but my question is I do not see you being listed very high in the SERPS for any of your keywords. You have online marketing tips but on page 5, blogging using wordpress as two examples but could not find you. Again maybe I am missing something but the plugin does not appear to be doing much as ranking your pages higher in the SERPS. If you don’t mind could you address this?

  7. One other point if I might. You are also using blogging your brand using wordpress, and I do see that you have 2-3 listings for it but looking at the google keyword tool that does not appear to be a search term with any searches. Again please know that my questions are only to gain a better understanding and to discover if Headspace is a plugin that I should be using. On one video you mentioned a 43% increase. Please help me understand this. Kind regards.

  8. Jerry, you are mostly correct. First, I tend to go for the long tail keyword, something they are looking for on how to do something specific (like “example signature line” or “fix firefox memory leak” or “fix the wordpress blank page” )

    Second, this is my hobby blog, not my primary blog. It is also video, which means there is very little content to optimize.

    And last, I teach it better than I do it. Didn’t your parents ever tell you, do as I say, not as I do? Kinda the same thing.

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