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My New Office

My New Office

Well, it has taken much longer than I had hoped.. and I ran into a problem or two, but it’s done.

That’s right, my new office is ready to move into. Over the last 2 weeks, I have removed shelves, filed holes, sanded walls, washed the drywall dust, swept, scrapped, painted walls and electrical outlets, replaced cover plates and laid carpet. The images below are just a few of the *where I started* to *where I ended up*.

I start moving in on Sunday night after Raven’s 7th birthday bash. Perhaps Monday, depending on how tired this old granny is.

A Few Particular’s

  • The room is 11.5′ x 16′. I purchased a *end of roll piece* that was marked 12′ x 17.8′ – only to discover it was mis-marked. It was too narrow by 6″. Since 1/3rd of my office will be storage (complete with shelves and it’s own door), I wasn’t too worried. Just turn the carpet, cut and have bare concrete in the storage side, right?

    Well, sorta. It would seem I am as anal-retentive in my storage space as I am in my office space. So I spent three days turning, cutting and matching the two remaining pieces until 100% of the floor was carpeted and it looks as good as it can look. What can I say? I am just hard-wired that way.

  • I have one more plug to replace (I was short when the electrician (my son-in-law) was present)
  • I have to re-hang the blinds in the three windows. One of the blinds looked like it was melted, so I will be asking the property management company what to do there.
  • I have to paint the little piece of wood added to block out the A/C unit since that was added after the paint job. Whoops.
  • This was so much easier when I was younger!

Cost To Convert Shed Into An Office

  • $70.78: Paint, roller pads, handle for roller.
  • $99.95: Baseboard, carpet blades, 2″ brush.
  • $31.93: Electrical outlets, cover plates, florescent blubs.
  • $126.13: Carpet.
  • $328.79: Total spent. Having my office NOT in the spare room, Priceless.
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  1. Nice job! How’s biz? I’ve been following you for about 1.5 years and first head about you through the Headspace blog posts. (Although I don’t use that anymore..)

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