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SenSEO: A Checklist For SEO

Posted by in SEO | 3 comments

As anyone who knows me can attest, I am a rabid Firefox fan. I found one more reason to crow about the virtues of Firefox. It’s an...

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WordPress Posting Basics For SEO Juice

Posted by in Art Cummins, Members Only, Plugins, SEO, Wordpress | 3 comments

(Recorded during a coaching session) When you first start blogging, there is a *lot* going on in the new post screen and it can get a...

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Optimize Your Site On A Budget

Posted by in SEO | 0 comments

I subscribe to the Google Webmaster Videos’ series, because they talk about what’s important to me. SEO and optimizing my...

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SEO Juice With Internal Linking

Posted by in Plugins, Wordpress | 2 comments

Recent articles on my main blog have focused on the organic traffic you want from the search engines, and how to get it. I hope you have...

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SEO With Plugins: Exploring Headspace2

Posted by in Featured Articles, Members Only, Most Popular, Plugins, SEO, Wordpress | 10 comments

A recent coaching session covered the SEO benefits of installing and using Headspace2. As members of that call will recognize, about 45...

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