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Headspace2 For Multipost Page Meta Tags

Posted by in Members Only, Plugins, SEO | 0 comments

As you know, Headspace2 allows you to select the exact description, keywords...

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Add Page In WordPress To Present Your Business

Posted by in Art Cummins, Members Only, Wordpress | 0 comments

I was working with a client recently on presenting his business opportunity...

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Quick Squeeze Pages Removes The Need To Know HTML

Posted by in HTML | 2 comments

You know I keep my eyes open for tools that help the average computer user...

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WordPress Posting Technique: From Concept To Published

Posted by in Plugins, SEO, Wordpress | 3 comments

I recorded a recent coaching session that went into quite a bit of detail on...

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Unzip Files On Vista – Correctly

Posted by in Computer Skills | 1 comment

I know, you used to know how to unzip files, right? Then along comes Vista and...

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Moving A Blog

Posted by in Wordpress | 5 comments

When you are first starting out, often you choose the first hosting company...

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WordPress: Add Amazon Store

Posted by in Amazon, Members Only, Wordpress | 0 comments

One way to monetize your Authority Niche Site is to add an Amazon store as a...

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WordPress: Create Full Width Page Template

Posted by in Amazon, Members Only, Wordpress | 4 comments

Most blog themes come with a page template that includes the sidebar, much...

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