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SEO With Plugins: Exploring Headspace2

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SEO With Plugins: Exploring Headspace2

A recent coaching session covered the SEO benefits of installing and using Headspace2. As members of that call will recognize, about 45 minutes was cut from this video. All the wasted time on technical difficulties is gone. Areas where the information was repeated (as in answering questions or covering the same concept on a different part of the call) were removed or spliced together to provide a single explanation.

If you are looking for a bit of help in improving your organic listings in the search engines, then check out this video. Additional concepts covered include the right way to post to your blog, what the search engines are evaluating first, and the one thing every post must have, in order to get found by both the search engines and your visitors.

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Photo of WordPress Blogging Expert Cenay NailorCenay Nailor is an Internet, Affiliate and Networking Marketing success coach with mad technical skills she loves sharing. Visit her other blog and get some technical marketing help. You should also snag a weekly injection of Tech-Based Marketing Tips in the Newsletter she offers, and have it sent right to your inbox.

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  1. Hey-thanks for the information.
    .-= wholeheartedmom´s last blog ..Navy Beans & Ham Hocks =-.

  2. Thanks to all that stopped by and left a comment. I would also appreciate it if you would let your friends know about this site!


  3. i love your blog webdesign,where did you find it plz ?

  4. I am newbie to SEO technique and i dream for my website at top ten in search engine and your video give me new idea for 30 minutes times teach me use headsopace 2, thanks very much for your help.

  5. Heyyaa…. jus saw a very same blog somewhere else too !!! guess somebody’s been copyin ur stuff…

  6. Hi Cenay, I must say your website looks fab, and I’m back with your tutorials which are most helpful.

    Thank you for your support and the sharing of your valuable knowledge.

    Talk to you soon,


  7. @WPT – this theme is from Elegant Themes. $19.95 for the year, unlimited access to 25+ themes (plus whatever he creates in the year).

    I tweaked it a little bit, but a great theme. Thanks for asking.

  8. I think this is one of your best tutorials you made Cenay, thanks for sharing it! The only problem I had is SenSeo was giving me a lower score under the meta description category specifically.. Length should not be greater than 150 characters. So I had to shorten those meta tags up.

  9. Scot, did my video state it could be more than 150? Yikes! Let’s call it a brain fart then, okay?

  10. Hehe not a problem I figured it out pretty quickly. SenSeo is a very useful and powerful tool! I started doing keyword niche websites only a month ago and I maintain 9 blogs well I tell you what, I bite off more than I can chew! Your tutorials are really helping me streamline them all.

    Lets put it this way without naming a popular SEO site I visit frequently they said simply do the keyword research, install all in one seo and link your blogs together. Although those are good tips to get you ranked fast. I am finding from you there is soo much more to it. Which I kinda figured all along because I am in this for the long haul not just the short term success.

    I found you through this tutorial by the way. 500 words later! Thanks again 🙂


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