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xHeader : Free Graphical Banner Creator

Posted by in Computer Skills, Featured Articles, Tech Stuff | 0 comments

Hey, I found a cool tool that allows you to create banner graphics without a degree in the graphical arts or expensive software like...

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Unzip Files On Vista – Correctly

Posted by in Computer Skills | 1 comment

I know, you used to know how to unzip files, right? Then along comes Vista and everything changes. Your drag and drop no longer works....

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Delivery Methods For Your Ethical Bribe

Posted by in Computer Skills, Members Only, Wordpress | 0 comments

You’ve heard that before, I know you have. Especially if you are marketing your small business on the Internet. Well, I hate to break it...

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Organize, Compress and Send Digital Photos

Posted by in Computer Skills, Most Popular | 2 comments

I was recently asked to complete a *How To* video for a company called Tears Of Joy Video. They offer the really cool service of taking...

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