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Unblock New Category In Elegant Theme

Posted by in Themes | 2 comments

If you have purchased the marvelous theme club subscription from Elegant Themes, congratulations, you made a great decision for your...

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Upgrade From To Self-Hosted .Org

Posted by in Wordpress | 2 comments

Many first time bloggers start out on, only to discover they are limited in options, plugins, advertising and flexibility....

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Adding Photo Gallery and Lightbox Feature

Posted by in Featured Articles, Members Only, Plugins, Wordpress | 0 comments

On one of the blogs I just created for a client, we added a photo gallery to share some of the photo’s taken at the client’s...

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Adding Events To WordPress

Posted by in Plugins | 0 comments

As an online blogging coach, I am exposed to a LOT of different types of blogs. In fact, I setup a lot of different type blogs. Recently,...

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Traffic Technique: Inbound Links

Posted by in Traffic Techniques, Wordpress | 4 comments

Traffic (or visitors) is the currency on the web. Without web traffic, your business blog or site is doomed to failure. Web traffic is one...

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Headspace2 For Multipost Page Meta Tags

Posted by in Members Only, Plugins, SEO | 0 comments

As you know, Headspace2 allows you to select the exact description, keywords and even browser title that will be used in the meta tags for...

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Add Page In WordPress To Present Your Business

Posted by in Art Cummins, Members Only, Wordpress | 0 comments

I was working with a client recently on presenting his business opportunity via a Page in WordPress. We discussed various methods to...

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WordPress Posting Technique: From Concept To Published

Posted by in Plugins, SEO, Wordpress | 3 comments

I recorded a recent coaching session that went into quite a bit of detail on how to get an idea or concept from your head to your blog. In...

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Moving A Blog

Posted by in Wordpress | 5 comments

When you are first starting out, often you choose the first hosting company that pops up on your radar. This is not always the best...

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