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WordPress Posting Technique: From Concept To Published

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WordPress Posting Technique: From Concept To Published

I recorded a recent coaching session that went into quite a bit of detail on how to get an idea or concept from your head to your blog. In this video, my student had written his post content into Word, and we took that *draft* and published it on the web.

Now, while that sounds really simple, below are a few of the things we covered during that process. And just for the record, this certainly isn’t everything we covered in this hour long *Empowering You* video.

Techniques Discussed:

  • Pasting from Word to remove the additional formatting that Word sticks in there (this can mess up how your content displays)
  • Description strategies for getting the click when it shows up in Google search listings
  • Keyword Derivation Techniques and mining for the one’s that will get you found
  • Changes to Headspace and what you need to watch out for
  • Using Firebug to find out important information about your blog
  • The value of anchor text and how to use it to get more relevancy from Google
  • How to insert and size an image in WordPress
  • How to insert an embedded video from YouTube and size it to match your content area
  • How to make external links (links that lead your visitor off your site) open in a new window

Everything shown in this video are things you should be doing consistently in order to get your valuable content found by Google, and therefore by your potential customers. Grab a pen and paper and be prepared to take some notes. There are lot’s of little tricks and tips in here to help you produce blog content that gets found.

Resources From Video

The *Go To Gal* for the *How To Stuff*

Photo of WordPress Blogging Expert Cenay NailorCenay Nailor is an Internet, Affiliate and Networking Marketing success coach with mad technical skills she loves sharing. Visit her other blog and get some technical marketing help. You should also snag a weekly injection of Tech-Based Marketing Tips in the Newsletter she offers, and have it sent right to your inbox.

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  1. Thanks for this informative tutorial, it has been helpful for me as a refresher and a reminder of the steps for me to take. Thanks for your clear instructions and guidance. I lookforward to visitig your site regularly. I have one request can you do a tutorial on how to tidy up images that disappear in the post or guide me on what the problem may be.

    Many thanks


  2. This is an invaluable video.Im sure i will refer back to it often as I learn to get my posts onto my blog. I learnt so much from this, any one new to blogging will learn a lot.

  3. Hey guys,

    Which is top FLV Player, i don’t want to spend money and i want it to be a good one and that supports Windows, with playlist, snap pictures.

    Thanks You for your help.


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