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WordPress Posting Basics For SEO Juice

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WordPress Posting Basics For SEO Juice

(Recorded during a coaching session)

When you first start blogging, there is a *lot* going on in the new post screen and it can get a little intimidating, especially if you are using Headspace2 and don’t really understand how to post from an *SEO* standpoint.

This video discusses the five primary areas you need your keyword to appear in for maximum SEO benefit. It also covers locating images for thumbnails, getting those sized, scaled or cropped to work and placing them online. The entire process from writing your content to adding the custom fields is shown step by step.

Throughout the video are small techniques displayed and discussed to help you work more efficiently and short cuts to make it easier or quicker to get things done, as well as some advanced techniques for some themes. Some of the items covered are:

  • Adding custom fields to a post (and why you might need to)
  • Working with the Featured Content Gallery
  • Finding images that *emotionally* match your post
  • Using Firefox’s tabs to browse faster and work more efficiently
  • Sizing or optimizing your images for display on your blog
  • When and how to use Post Tags for internal navigation and blog searches
  • Difference between Keywords and Post Tags and where those should come from
  • Getting around a WordPress *bug* that doesn’t always *schedule* posts for future publication correctly

Resources Used In Video:

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The *Go To Gal* for the *How To Stuff*

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  1. hello,

    Thank you for the great quality of your forum, each time i come here, i’m amazed.
    i read your posts regularly and i finaly decided to subscribe.

    black hattitude.

  2. Cenay – your resources are excellent. I have learned alot and love the tools. Many thanks Glenn Ayrton

  3. Glenn,

    I appreciate you stopping by and letting me know I have helped in some small way. That really means a lot to me.



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