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Image Slider, Editing and Resizing with Pixlr

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Image Slider, Editing and Resizing with Pixlr

A recent client asked for a little help getting his WordPress post on his Elegant Theme blog looking sharp. His challenge was the images weren’t fitting in the image slider, nice and neat. And since he’s a sports guy, not a geek, he was unsure how to get the images tidied up.

Using an Online Photo Editor called Pixlr, a little forethought, and some creative license, I step you through the process of taking every day photo’s and getting a unique image slide show that supports your blog content, and helps the reader connect with your message.

Free PC BackupAnytime they can “see” themselves in the content you are writing about, they connect more fully. So, it’s more than just eye candy we are talking about.

We will cover image scale, image cropping, and image sizing. We will also use WordPress’s media library to store the images, and the new Plugin from Elegant Themes called Elegant Builder to add an image slider with some fancy effects.

This video is rendered in high definition so expand it full screen for best results.

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