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After Installing WordPress

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After Installing WordPress

There are a ton of tips out there on the web about what to do after installing WordPress. Some imply you can’t survive without doing these things. Others just suggest it’s a way to increase your visitor friendliness. All that is hooey.Well, not hooey, but an incomplete answer.

Here are the things I do after installing WordPress to make it easier to manage, get found by the search engines, improve the visitor experience and cut down on the time I spend taking care of business.

More of a checklist kinda webmaster? I have an article I wrote with all 22 things documented in one long list. You can see that article on my primary blog. It’s called 22 Things You Should Do After Installing WordPress

Ping Servers

I mentioned a list of ping servers in the video that are in the 22 Things Article on my other blog, but I thought I would republish it here.Just copy and paste this in the Update Services area.

Anything Else?

I know, I know… this post was a little longer than I had planned, but these are the things I do to every new WordPress blog I create (90+ and counting). I have found these tweaks to be the absolute minimum required to get a blog that is easy to maintain, and gets found by the search engines. And though I mentioned some very important plugins, there are many more you should consider using.

The *Go To Gal* for the *How To Stuff*

Photo of WordPress Blogging Expert Cenay NailorCenay Nailor is an Internet, Affiliate and Networking Marketing success coach with mad technical skills she loves sharing. Visit her other blog and get some technical marketing help. You should also snag a weekly injection of Tech-Based Marketing Tips in the Newsletter she offers, and have it sent right to your inbox.

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