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Add AWeber Form To WordPress Blog

Once video starts, click on video to expand to full screen for best viewing

Add AWeber Form To WordPress Blog

Using AWeber as an Autoresponder will improve your chances of reaching the right people, at the right time, by allowing you to continue marketing to them over time.

A WordPress blog (the best blogging platform in my opinion) can be a great place to allow people to "Opt-In" to your list.

So, how do you add an AWeber Opt-In form to your WordPress blog? Well, this video takes you step by step through the process. When you are done, you will be able to create a list in AWeber, add a Web Form, and then put it on your WordPress blog.

Haven’t yet signed up for an account? Click here to Take a free test drive of AWeber

The *Go To Gal* for the *How To Stuff*

Photo of WordPress Blogging Expert Cenay NailorCenay Nailor is an Internet, Affiliate and Networking Marketing success coach with mad technical skills she loves sharing. Visit her other blog and get some technical marketing help. You should also snag a weekly injection of Tech-Based Marketing Tips in the Newsletter she offers, and have it sent right to your inbox.

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  1. I will try this, I do not have an aWeber account yet but definitely getting one now. Thanks for the very detailed step-by-step instructions, you’ve made it very easy to follow!

    & I know you have blogged about twitter, & I must be blind, but I do not see you linking your twitter anywhere on your site? You should you know, so we can simply follow you and you can tweet everytime you have updates. =)

    Best regards,
    Love R.F.

  2. Hey Love RF, took your suggestion and added back my social connections again .. had forgotten them when revising the theme for the blog.

    Happy to have you Tweeting what you like! And don’t forgot to put your website in the reply form since I use CommentLuv and it will give you a DOFOLLOW link back to a page in your blog.

  3. Great video, and tutorial. I really learned a lot, thank you for taking the time to write the blog, and do the video!

  4. cool,thank you so much about that.
    Cenay is excellent.
    .-= car video´s last blog ..E0parts0011-E1013-Microphone =-.

  5. yes, I sincerely thank Cenay so much. It’s really cool~
    .-= car video´s last blog ..E0parts0011-E1013-Microphone =-.

  6. Very good article, nice piece of information, I really like it. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for the information,just found this post my technorati news feed section! I was searching for this since past 3 months and i am glad to see it here. Thanking you much


  8. I really appreciate your efforts.

    Such a professional video, point to point.

    Awesome !!


  9. You really out done yourself! I’m so new to this stuff, you make it so newbie like myself can easly wrap their heads around it, thanks!

  10. great post… very informative. thanks so much for this post. very useful indeed.

  11. i agree, AWeber is very effective tool for auto responding. i have tried it and i can really say that it works for me and it has no worries of being installed. it is so easy to install.
    .-= Tabatha Hayes´s last blog ..Why Smart Entrepreneurs Underperform =-.

  12. Thanks a bunch I really liked reading this. It makes me want to create my own weblog! Just what topic though? I am a dentist by profession but can’t imagine many people wishing to read about dentistry? Maybe I am wrong! Gene Fairless

  13. Thanks for the post. I am a massive fan of the blog, i’ve even put a little bookmark right on the tool bar of my Firefox you’ll be happy to find out!

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