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Add Google Maps To Your WordPress Blog Post or Page

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Add Google Maps To Your WordPress Blog Post or Page

If you are using WordPress to brand and promote your small brick and mortar business (and you should be!), then you might need to provide interactive maps for your customer to find you.

This is especially true if your customers are mobile and finding you on their smart phones!

Google Maps provides a way to bring clickable, zoomable and scrollable maps to your WordPress blog post or page. This video will show you two methods to add a Google Map. One with plugins, and one without.

Follow along and add Google Maps to your WordPress blog today. Please rate, comment or share this video to help others find it. Thanks!

Resources Used In Video

The *Go To Gal* for the *How To Stuff*

Photo of WordPress Blogging Expert Cenay NailorCenay Nailor is an Internet, Affiliate and Networking Marketing success coach with mad technical skills she loves sharing. Visit her other blog and get some technical marketing help. You should also snag a weekly injection of Tech-Based Marketing Tips in the Newsletter she offers, and have it sent right to your inbox.

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  1. Cenay,

    Once again a very well done and informative video. I will probably have to watch it a few more time to fully “get it” since there was a good bit of info covered and I have a short attention span.
    My problem not yours.

  2. Thank you Cenay,
    You make everything so simple to understand I will be using this to show people where Lanzarote is, it will save a lot of explanation.
    (Lanzarote-little island off the coast of Africa)

  3. So happy to help Steve. I checked out your blog and was wondering if there is anything I can do to help. I like the concept, but you have a lot of “placeholders” that need filling in. Are you struggling with content? The blog itself? Maintenance?

  4. Thanks Denis, as always, it’s so good to hear from a fan that I am moving in the right direction. So often, I feel like I am speaking to an empty room without the comments to give me direction.


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