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The Nitty-Gritty-Inside-Story

I won’t bore you with the tiny little details that make up my life’s story, how about I just hit the highlights?

I am a Dedicated Programmer, Avid Motorcyclist, Aspiring Web-Designer, Active Grandmother, Enthusiastic Internet and Network Marketer and a Business Mentor. In other words, I am burning the "candle" at both end with the middle suspended over a raging wildfire.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Early Years

Britene and Raven Fingerpainting

Okay, not that early, I told you I wouldn’t bore you with the tiresome details like my childhood. Let’s start from 1986, shall we? I was a single Mom to my beautiful daughter Britene (if you don’t believe me, check out her photo – she’s the "Mom" in this picture, but her little girl could pass for her twin when she was that age). Being a single Mom inspired me to make radical shifts in my thinking. I was commuting 54 miles one way to work and missing out on all the little moments of her life.

So, in 1991, I quit the "rat race" and focused on working from home. Hey, it took a couple years of planning, additional training and a sincere desire to succeed , but in ’91 I had it put together so I could work from anywhere in the world. I have been working from the house pretty much since then. I did have a couple of years where I partnered up with a man in Fort Worth and he required I spend most of my days onsite, but I got pretty tired of that, so I left the state. (I wasn’t real sure how to tell him "no"so I did the only thing any red-blooded-coward would do, I moved out of state).

Got Out Of "Dodge"

I moved to Arizona (from Texas) in early 1998 and have officially adopted this state as my own. I love the pine trees and mountains, four beautiful seasons and snow in the winter. Most people think of Arizona as desert, but I live up in the "high-country" in the middle of the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine Forest. My views are the stuff songs are made of and I have been very fortunate and blessed to be able to live here.
The view off my back deck

In 2004 Britene (and Glenn, her husband) had a daughter they named Raven. In 2006, they had a son they named Tallen. I had to buy new shoes to keep up. Track shoes! I did mention that I am 48 right?

Seriously, they are a joy to me, and I can’t get enough of them. I created a website to showcase pictures of them so we could share the "growing up" with family back in Texas. That site is what got me started in website development. I started it 40 minutes after Raven arrived, and have added something like 2000 pictures since then. Tallen has his own site as well. In fact, if you are interested in being bored to tears looking at pictures of the the most precious little angels on the planet, then click here .

I know, I sound like every other demented grandmother on the planet, sorry about that.

Another Shift Was Required

I was able to work from home because I created "skills" that allowed me to design and develop custom software. With the right clients, this meant I could work from my house, and go onsite to deliver or upgrade software. Most of my projects were large Enterprise wide "systems" that required years to develop.

But starting about 2002, most of the "custom programming" work went overseas to people who could do it for a lot less. Another shift in thinking was required.

See, I made a pretty serious mistake in setting up my home based work, I didn’t plan far enough ahead. I didn’t setup a 401K or a pension plan. Working for myself meant I got a 1099 at the end of each year, paid taxes and then got busy on the next year. We ate pretty good, but I wasn’t setting anything aside. It’s a shame too, since I made pretty good money as a custom software developer.

I hit 48 this year, and realized I was in trouble. If I didn’t do something, and soon, I would be forced to eat dog-food during my golden years because Social Security (if it’s still around), wouldn’t pay me anything like I was making.

So, I started thinking of new ways to build that retirement fund. Create a plan B if you will. Plan A is taking care of current expenses, but I needed something else. A safety net.

A New Way Of Life

I did a lot of research and a few experiments in Internet Marketing and working "online" from the house. I began rebuilding my "skill set" to encompass a brand new career. Just like I had to do for custom software development, I spent time, money and effort to give myself the right tools for the job. I had set out to find the ideal business opportunity, something I could be proud of, would maximize my time investment, was run by people of intregity and ideally help others in the process. I reviewed hundreds of business models, affiliate programs, and companies. I was definitely neck deep in my "Due Dilligence".

Enter Nussentials.

A woman I trust called me about Nussentials. My Mom. Mom is diabetic and has had trouble with her blood sugar levels for the last 30 years. She had heard about Nussentials and started on one of their flagship nutritional products. Nussentials is a Health and Wellness company that manufactures products based on stablized rice bran.

Mom and Raven not long after she was born

After only a short time taking MORE!, Mom’s blood sugar was finally under control and the feeling has returned to her feet. This is after more than 10 years not being able to "feel" if she was stepping off a curb or not.
Okay so far. Company with good products. Check.

I did some more research, and found that Phil Mims, the owner of the company was one of the largest business builders in Excel, before that company sold out. He bought Nussentials and then partnered with Childrens Incorporated to donate 5% of all revenues (not profits, revenues!) from 100% of the products sold nationwide. His deal with Children’s Inc was to focus all his efforts in the United States, to feed kids in our own backyard.

Even better. Leadership has integrity, check. Help others in the process, check.

Well, it didn’t take me 30 minutes to make the decision once I had all the facts. I joined Nussentials in May, received my first check in May, and have received a check from them every month since. And because the business model is one that Microsoft, Kodak, GE and other big names use, I also benefit from the sales generated by people who I sponsor into the organization. So, helping them succeed, directly affects my bottom line. This leveraged activity means that I do the work once (get customers or get business partners), and continue to get paid on it for the life of that customer or partner.

Ding, ding. We have a winner. Maximize my time investment, check.

So, I have spent the last few months building the tools (I am a software developer afterall) to help my business partners succeed in this business. Lead generation websites, How-To Videos, Articles and PDF’s, testimonials from product customers, eBooks on the dangers of certain drugs used to treat arthritis and the benefits of supplements, automated email training series and much more. I know that creating a system that anyone, regardless of their experience level, can plug into — will let all of us work smarter, not harder.

I have a Plan B now. Do you? Would you like to know more about my Plan B and how I think it would benefit you? I would be happy to call or email with absolutely zero pressure and answer any questions you have. Listen, I know that if you don’t absolutely love the idea , it’s a waste of everyone’s time, so there won’t be any "convincing" going on. If you know what you want, are willing to work for it, then I am ready to help you succeed.

Want to know more? Call me. 928.978.1919

PS: Just want to drop me an email without all the hassle of using the “Request Vid” form above?
Please use cenay {at} cenaynailor {dot} com

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